Quality Education System important for our Country: Mr Sanjeev Kumar, DM Bhojpur

Created: 13-Oct-2018   Updated: 14-Oct-2018

On the journey of bringing all good education initiatives taken to improve Government Schools by various district administrations of Government of India, our team met District Magistrate (DM) of Bhojpur Mr Sanjeev Kumar. We found him a person with the will to tirelessly work towards improving the quality of education.

He shared the efforts, initiatives and challenges in his endeavour to provide a better quality of education in 2310 schools of the district where 88.7% children's still study in them.

He also discussed about some of the features of  EmpowerU finding them useful. Features like offline monitoring and real-time report generation for all 2310 schools were appreciated by him. Here is the excerpt of the interview:

The interview started with the discussion on the importance of education. He strongly believes that education is the basic element of society and every child should get equal opportunity to study. We also talked about the challenges faced by government school and initiatives being taken by the district administration to solve them. He told us that, since government and its schemes work on a very large-scale catering to the needs of each and every student, they do face some quality challenges. But the administration continuously makes efforts for the proper running of the schools. He himself monitors the progress and functioning of all schools.

Talking about the mechanism for monitoring, he said that District Administration holds a weekly meeting with various education stakeholders of the district to discuss and analyse the functioning of schools. He ensures that proper Mid Day Meal delivery is done at every school of Bhojpur and also teachers are present in school and have not taken uninformed leave.

He believes that if proper monitoring and analysis are done for all 2310 schools of Bhojpur then this could really bring a large-scale improvement in the quality of government schools.

We also discussed the future of government schools and he seemed very optimistic that we would surely have well-equipped government schools with quality teachers in the coming days. A day when government school would play a crucial role in successfully igniting the future of its student.

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