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Created: 07-Jan-2019   Updated: 22-Apr-2019

The life of a teacher is never easy. They are the unsung heroes of our life who shape our thoughts and action. Teachers play an important role in creating a great learning ecosystem. Our presence in around 1500 schools of Giridih, gave us the chance to better understand government school teachers. A lot of notions come in our mind when we hear about a government teacher. Like “teachers who are irregular in their classes”, or “the ones who are always busy with non academic activities”. But, we found something totally different. We have been continuously monitoring Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) of government schools for more than 2 years and teacher attendance is also one of them. Our research and analysis put forward some positive data trends.

 1) Average Attendance of Teachers is around 86%

We calculated the average teacher teacher attendance of 1500 schools with an interval of 4 months.The school population consisted of all types of schools from primary to higher secondary. We found the average attendance of teachers to be around 86 %. We also hypothesised various factors like teachers qualification,distance from school, nature of appointment that may affect teachers attendance. But attendance was found independent of these factors.

2) Teachers regularly come to teach even in remote areas

We were also surprised to find that attendance of teachers was around 84% even in the remotest areas of the district. Attendance of teachers in rural areas was found more than teachers in urban areas.

3) Attendance of para teachers and regular teachers is almost same

We found that the attendance of para teachers was around 85.03% and attendance of regular teachers was around 85.25%. This indicates that para teachers attend school as regularly as the regular ones. The result also may vary for different districts/states.

These all data findings are important as they reflect the efforts of government school teachers.We believe that with teacher-friendly policies, the quality and commitment of teachers would go high. Hence, impacting the lives of students!

*Data insights are based on analysis of data collected by EmpowerU 

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