EmpowerU – A Story Of Building The Future Of Education

Created: 21-Nov-2019   Updated: 21-Nov-2019

Promorph Solutions, a social impact company started in IIT Kanpur is creating waves in the Public education space by creating and implementing technology driven solutions to solve grassroot problems. Their proprietary platform EmpowerU, an Education Intelligence System (EIS) brings in: Transparency, Accountability and Speed towards administering the public education sector. This SaaS based model has comprehensive softwares that make for an exquisite solution which appeals to the masses and greatly reduces the need for human intervention by streamlining the flow of information and enabling the user to manage the day to day activities through its platform.

EmpowerU completely reimagines the role of technology for the public education in India and aims their solutions at solving the most pressing challenges for the state governments in the country. As the name suggests, EmpowerU platform enables the stakeholders to perform complex administrative activities with ease by building a robust database and ecosystem which eliminates the need for manual recordkeeping. The user application works even without internet which enables the users to perform operations in even the most remote areas.

EmpowerU’s platform is designed to bring the analytical capabilities and generate valuable insights which assist policymakers to take prompt actions by providing them with real time updates through the KPI’S on the dashboard.The seamless flow of information makes the administrative activities more efficient and inclusive. EmpowerU has proved itself to be an effective solution for streamlining, monitoring and guiding in policy making by providing intelligent recommendations through analysing the captured data. The state of the art technology based solution combined with an education expertise consulting brings a scientific approach to making administrative decisions and enables policymakers to understand the underlying dynamics in the education sector.

The program has proven itself to be effective as it was rolled out in Jharkhand and Odisha, as EmpowerU Disha being used by 7500+ teachers daily and impacting with 1.5 lakh students. EmpowerU’s is currently being rolled out in Tripura and will directly engage 41,000 teachers and more than 7 lakh students through its “EmpowerU Shiksha Darpan” Program. The state Govt. of Tripura has begun the registrations and will formally announce a launch soon.

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